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never know what to expect from me...im such a good boy but can't help being bad ::dr evil smile:: hahahaha
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What a man! Damn!!! #Perfect #Thick #Stocky #Beefy #Fine #Masculine
Just give me one night with him lol

Now this is my kinda brotha!

Mine too

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damn YESSSS!

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Been a while since I took a good night pic

Them shots will make you sweat!

The one with the mouse tho

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I dont like asking people for kik because they always think it’s out of thirst and no lie a good 80% of the time it is, but even when it is it is seriously just to make conversation easier compared to tumblr’s messaging system.



My gawd!!!!!!!!!!

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I mean, what do you work for?

Its time for bed…my vaca from job 2 ends tonight so its back to work tomorrow…sad face